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The mermaid princess

She traded her tail for legs to meet her prince. She has now found her place in his kingdom.

In her green dress she would like to come to your party to sing and dance, because that is what she prefers to do.

Additional tips:

  • When booking the mermaid princess you must take a large dress into account.

  • The mermaid princess can also be booked with her tail*, for a real mermaid party.
    Please note that she cannot walk, so an extra assistant or character must be booked.

*This is only possible during the summer period and with a maximum of 8 children. An extra assistant OR character must ALWAYS be booked here! The princess is absolutely not mobile in her tail, so the performer has to see this for himself.


Imagery on this page was created by: 

Kelly Thans Photography

Althreya Art


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